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P.O. BOX 12277, LANSING, MI 48901

Chapter History

In 1950, Brother Wilfred Homer "Andy" Anderson* - initiated into the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. by Upsilon Psi Chapter and a graduate in horticulture from Florida A&M College - was employed by the Michigan State College of Agriculture.  He began convening Omega Men that were interested in forming a graduate chapter and enjoying fellowship at his meager residence on campus.  These chapter founding Brothers included Cullen L. Dubose, Sr., Tougaloo College; James R. Riley Sr., Wayne State University; George A. Halliburton, Tennesee A&I College; Otis Smith*; Rudolph V. Wilson, West Virginia State College; Joe Bebe*; Samuel J. Hosey Sr.;  North Carolina A&T State College, Vence L. Bonham, Sr.,  Alabama A&M University, William Layton, Jonathan T. Staten, Sr., Alabama A&M University, Joseph L. Webster, Jr., University of Pittsburgh and Jim Primes*.

Sigma Upsilon Chapter's first official meeting was held at Andy's new residence at 911 W. Hilisdale St., Lansing, Michigan. Brother Bumel E. Coulon and a contingent of Brothers from Zeta Phi Chapter, Indianapolis, Indiana presented the charter, dated May 17,1952 to Brother Anderson. Lansing area Brothers present at this meeting were Vence L. Bonham, Sr., Jesse Pittman, Momson L. Ryder*, Joshua Keamey, Rudolph V. Wilson, Fred Westbrook and Spaulding Ruffin.

The first Brothers initiated by Sigma Upsilon Chapter were Williex E. Merritt, Jr. and Robert J. Williams in September 1958 at Andy's, 3000 Forest Rd. The first Harvest Ball was held at the union hall on River St. in November 1958. During a trip to Florida, Brother Anderson picked up some gray moss and brought it to Lansing. He thought it would make an excellent room decoration for a fall social affair. This affair is an annual tradition and anticipated by many in the Lansing area black community.

Sigma Upsilon Chapter and Tenth District Representative Anderson were operatives in the chartering of Pi Theta Chapter, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Omicron Rho Chapter, Flint and Upsilon Gamma Chapter, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo. Additionally, the chapter has graciously hosted the 1967 & 1998 Tenth District Meetings.

Sigma Upsilon Chapter is a life member of the NAACP.